Mr. Clark Hatch, the founder of Clark Hatch Fitness Centers, opened his first center in Tokyo, Japan in 1965. Following his successful launch, invitations from envious luxury hotel chains brought his concept to South Korea, Hong Kong, Philippines, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Nepal, India, United States of America and Malaysia. In the year 2000, Mr. Hatch established the Clark Hatch International company to continue providing the public with excellent workouts with a friendly environment in top notch fitness facilities. 

In 2008, Clark Hatch International introduced a new concept called Chi Fitness. Malaysia’s first boutique fitness centre chain opened its first outlet in Klang and has opened over 14 additional branches predominately in shopping malls. 

Keeping up with the latest fitness trends, Chi Fitness evolved to Chi X. This technology-driven group class concept emerged in 2016 with a renewed emphasis on functional training with all the rage music and variety. There are currently 4 Chi X outlets with more on the way.

Leap forward to October 2017, Clark Hatch International has launched Believe Fitness. Bridging the old and the new, Believe provides a fully equipped fitness facility with the complete range of functional training classes. Incorporating moderate technological advancements, we service all individual goals through numerous means with a pinch of fun at affordable rates.

Welcome to Believe Fitness by Clark Hatch International. Here, people from different walks of life are encouraged to enjoy a healthy lifestyle through team-building training class, strength conditioning circuits, and individual training with the help of instructors or simply by personal pursuit. We Believe that each person should be able to enjoy Better Health for a Better Life. Therefore, we make it our mission to Believe in you.

Be Consistent, be Motivated, Be Encouraged, Believe.